Liquid Assets is not your ordinary pool builder.

Our process starts with meeting the customer and evaluating the site and its surroundings. This point is the beginning of our design process. Interacting with the customer's lifestyle, home, family. The design is most critical, as it is a reflection of the skill of our team to blend all of the elements, with value, making it into reality. The mix of pool, decking, socializing, relaxing areas into the footprint of what is there, so the pool is cohesive with the existing environment.

The construction phase is managed by the designers. We have experienced contractor and supervision for execution and installation, but the designer is always the first point of contact. Throughout the construction process, your designer will be on your site, reviewing the workmanship and adding the touch with your help.

The product is built of the highest quality. The structure, plumbing, circulation and cleaning system, masonry, hardscape, landscape and finish materials will be performed to your 100% satisfaction. Our mission is to exceed what you thought is possible, with the quality from a business that builds resorts, amenity centers, performing at the highest level of expectations.

After the build, the product is maintained. It is done by you, with the help from our maintenance and service staff to assist, or we can maintain for you on a weekly or monthly basis. The design and build is so you will have little work, and that you will enjoy this extension of your life.